Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Information For Supervisors

Accommodation Request

All employee requests for reasonable accommodation should be immediately referred to Disability Services (DS). DS will then contact the employee and the employee's supervisor/department head as needed for appropriate follow-up of the request.

Reasonable Accommodation

Disability Services will work with supervisors and department heads to ascertain the reasonableness of a requested accommodation. In many cases, job modifications can be arranged easily. Employees are not required to disclose to their supervisor the medical basis for requested accommodation. Do not ask employees for personal medical information or ask them questions about the disability itself.

Job Analysis

In order to perform a job analysis of the employee’s position, Disability Services will need information regarding the essential functions of the employee’s job. DS will work with supervisors and department heads as appropriate to analyze the position. This analysis will be shared with both the employee and his/her supervisor. 

Confidentiality of Medical Records

By law, medical records must be treated confidentially. At the University, medical records relative to request for accommodation are maintained in Disability Services. Should medical records inadvertently come to a supervisor or department head, they must be immediately forwarded to Disability Services as medical records cannot be kept in department files. Supervisors and department heads must treat information obtained through the accommodation process in a confidential manner.