Note Taking Procedures

Isenberg Classroom

Note-Taking Services are available to eligible students. Once a student meets with their Consumer Manager (or utilizes the Express Process) to determine which classes may need supplemental notes, the Consumer Manager makes note of the student's note taking need in Clockwork. This alerts the Note Taking Coordinator to seek notes in that course. Additionally, the Instructor is informed of their students' accommodation needs electronically. Many notes are provided directly by instructors and can be accessed on the course website or Moodle.  If notes are not provided by the Instructor, Disability Services works collaboratively with faculty to obtain student volunteer note takers from classes. Student note takers are contracted to upload their notes to Clockwork within 24 hours of each class session and upload them to Clockwork for easy downloading by eligible students. For their efforts, note takers can earn 45 hours of community service per class each semester.  Students in need of notes are notified once notes are available for download.