Exam Proctoring Procedures

Exam Accommodations
  • Student's eligibility for exam accommodations are recorded on Clockwork for view by the faculty member.
  • Student and instructor meet to determine the best way to accommodate exam needs.
  • If the instructor is unable to provide the accommodations for the student, the instructor and student may arrange exam accommodations through the Disability Services Exam Proctoring Center.
  • At least seven days prior to each exam date, the student is responsible for submitting a completed Exam Booking Request Form on Clockwork to request to schedule an exam through the Proctoring Center. The request is received by the Exam Proctoring Coordinator and accepted or declined. The instructor and student are notified of the status via Clockwork generated email.
  • Instructors simply log in and upload the exam with any specific instructions, via Clockwork. Exams may also be hand delivered to 169A Whitmore or faxed to 413-577-0122, regardless confirmation must occur on Clockwork and exams must be received by the noon the day prior to the exam. Exams cannot be sent via campus mail.
  • Student takes the exam at the designated date/time and location (typically at the same time as the class or an overlapping time period due to extra time).
  • Students on the Mt. Ida Campus will take all exams on the Mt. Ida campus. Questions or concerns may be sent to Trisha Link
  • Exam is picked up at Disability Services by instructor or designee or is returned to instructor's department office by Friday afternoon via courier. In accordance to the Policies and Procedures of the Exam Accommodations Testing Center it is REQUIRED that Assistants, Couriers, Proctors and or the Exam Accommodations Coordinator be presented with photo identification from individuals picking up exams. Such steps allow the Center to avoid any confusion or inappropriate activities. The name must be printed out on the contract sheet, (not signed) when the envelope is being retrieved.