Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Information For Students Who Have Learning Disabilities

Common Accommodations

The accommodations most frequently provided include, but are not limited to: extended time on exams, additional time to complete assignments, alternative types of evaluation procedures, help with note taking and prepared materials before class. Again, accommodations are based directly on a student's documentation.

Note Taking - Through the process of delivering accommodation sheets, students may request assistance from instructors in locating a classmate to volunteer to provide notes. LDSS can help arrange course credit through the School of Education for volunteer note takers provided they meet the necessary requirements.

Readers/Recorded Books - Eligible students are encouraged to obtain books on tape through Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic and Perkins School for the Blind. Applications for these organizations are available in our office. LDSS can help arrange course credit through the School of Education for volunteer readers provided they meet the necessary requirements. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of current assistive technology on their own computers or in the Assistive Technologies Center located in the W.E.B. DuBois Library. Again, to be most effective students must request books on tape well in advance of when they may actually need them.

Tips For Students

Introduce yourself to your professors and get to know them.

Meet with your Consumer Manager often, especially if you are having problems. Don't wait until a small problem becomes a big one.

Get and use a date book or organizer to help you keep track of important deadlines.

Make sure you know whom your advisor is, and meet with him or her.

Find a good place to study - preferably outside of your room.

Find out about the many resources available both on campus and in the community.

Learn about your disability and how to explain it to professors and others.

Take advantage of your professors' and TAs' office hours.

Before meeting with a professor, prepare what you want to say at the meeting and decide what you hope to accomplish. Your Consumer Manager can help you decide how to approach a meeting with professors.

Be open-minded to accommodations proposed by your professors that differ from those that you and your Consumer Manager have discussed.

Develop a support network. Dealing with all the responsibilities of college life can be overwhelming. It's important to have people that you know you can count on.