Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Resources For Prospective Students

Disability Services serves students with documented disabilities. Students considering attending UMass are invited to contact and visit the office to find out about the many services available on campus. In addition, upon being admitted to the University, students are encouraged to contact the office without delay to arrange for services.

How to Access Services

Eligibility and Registration Information

Documentation Needed to Determine Eligibility For Accommodations

Orientation For Undergraduates

The New Students Orientation is attended by incoming students before they enter the University. To request an accommodation for the New Students Orientation program, please contact Disability Services in advance of your scheduled. All incoming students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Services prior to orientation in order to schedule an individual meeting with a staff member. Please note that due to the full schedule of the New Students Orientation program, this meeting will not take place during orientation, but may be scheduled prior to or following orientation. Parents and family members will also have an opportunity to meet with Disability Services staff at this time to review general policies and procedures and to address any specific concerns that they may have.