Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Resources For Employees With Disabilities

How To Access Services If You Have a Disability

Disability Services, a component of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, works to ensure that reasonable and effective accommodations and support services are in place for those members of the University Community who have a documented disability. A disability may be psychological, physical, auditory, medical, cognitive/learning, or another chronic condition as defined by a qualified professional. To determine appropriate accommodations, enrolled students and employees of the University who self-disclose a disability must provide diagnostic evidence of the disability from a professional who is qualified by education and training to make such an evaluation.

Students and employees of the University who have self-disclosed a disability, registered with Disability Services and have provided the appropriate documentation, must meet with a Consumer Manager in order to receive accommodations and be referred for other services to which they may be entitled. Accommodations are made on a case by case basis and in keeping with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Consumer Managers are available to meet with prospective students, parents, guidance counselors, faculty and staff.

Disability Services provides clinical case management services to students and employees with a documented psychological disability. Once registered with Disability Services, such persons will be directed to Room 123 C in Berkshire House to meet with the Coordinator of Services for Psychological Disabilities. Once deemed eligible to receive services, that person will be assigned a Case Manager who will work with him/her to develop reasonable accommodations. Additional services available from Case Managers may include: academic support; assistance in setting academic and personal goals; and referrals to mental health professionals and other campus resources.

Eligibility and Registration With Disability Services

Employees who know or suspect they may have a disability or who would like general disability information are encouraged to contact Disability Services. If you think you have a disability that is affecting your job, you may schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation with a Consumer Manager. We can help you determine if you can benefit from workplace accommodations. If you decide you are interested in pursuing an accommodation, we will ask you to complete the Employee Intake Form.

Information For Employees and Supervisors

Disability Services will work with both the employee and the immediate supervisor to identify reasonable accommodations which will enable successful performance in various employment settings. Accommodations may include adaptive equipment, facility modifications, adjustment to work schedules or job duties, as well as a range of other creative solutions that will allow the disabled employee to continue to perform the essential duties of her/his job.

It is the role of Disability Services to do the following: obtain and confidentially file disability-related medical documentation; certify eligibility for services; determine reasonable accommodations; develop plans for the provision of such accommodations/adjustments for employees with disabilities and assist Supervisors in implementing appropriate accommodations/adjustments.

Information For Supervisors

Complaint Resolution

Procedures For Responding to Requests For Accommodations Required Under the ADA