Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Eligibility and Registration

All students with documented disabilities, even those who do not predict that they will need services while at school, are strongly encouraged to register with the Disability Services office. College-level academic work is challenging and it can be difficult for incoming students to anticipate problems and stresses that can arise. Should an unexpected need for accommodations arise during the student's career at the University, the staff of Disability Services can begin assisting the student without delay if the office already has the appropriate documentation on file

The intake can be completed online and documentation may be sent electronically. If an electronic copy of your documentation is not available, please fax, mail or deliver it to the 161 Whitmore office. As part of the registration process, the staff at Disability Services will request that the student submit documentation of disability (such as diagnostic evaluations and psychological evaluations). After evaluating the documentation, the staff at Disability Services will inform the student if they are eligible for services. Students then schedule an appointment to meet with a Consumer Manager. Please note that specific accommodations are not put into place until the student meets with a Consumer Manager and fills out the appropriate paperwork.

Consumer Managers are professionally trained and have relevant experience. The Consumer Manager will assist the student in securing both academic and non-academic accommodations (housing, transportation, etc.). The intent of the Consumer Management model is for students to have a consistent contact to work with while they are students at the University.

A primary goal of Consumer Management is for students to become independent self-advocates as they progress through their academic career. As students move forward in their academic career, we encourage them to take more responsibility for contacting instructors, monitoring progress, and arranging accommodations.