Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Information For Students Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

Common Accommodations

Although accommodations are determined on an individual basis, the following list includes those accommodations most frequently employed for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Once a student and their Consumer Manager determine reasonable accommodations, the Consumer Manager, with the student’s permission, sends a letter to the student’s professor or other University personnel requesting the accommodations.

Sign Language Interpreters, Captionist, or Oral Transliterators
Note-Taking Services
Modified Campus Housing
FM Systems

Tips For Students

Contact Disability Services as soon as possible after being admitted to the University.

Get to know your professors and talk to them about accommodations. Some professors may never have worked with a Deaf student before. Talk about communication. If there will be interpreters in your classroom inform your professors and suggest that they read the University’s Handbook on Disabilities for Faculty, which includes tips on working with an interpreter. If you are using an FM system, explain to your professor how it works.

Ask your professor if he or she will be showing any videotape during the semester. If so, request that he get captioned tapes or provide you with a way of getting equal access to the information in the tape. Also, if the video is captioned, remind the professor that he or she will have to request a television made after 1993 so that it will have the decoder chip that shows the captions. In addition, make sure the professor brings the remote control “clicker”, as many television options are only accessible by using the clicker.

Request interpreters as early as possible as you may encounter scheduling difficulties.

Get class notes from more than one student to ensure that you are getting as much information as possible.

Use note-taking services.

Take advantage of your professors’ and TAs’ office hours.

Before meeting with a professor, prepare what you want to say at the meeting and decide what you hope to accomplish. Your Consumer Manager can help you decide how to approach meetings with professors.

Be open-minded to accommodations proposed by your professors that differ from those that you and your Consumer Manager have discussed.

If you are using an interpreter, get to know him/her.