Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Information For Students Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome.

Common Accommodations

Accommodations are unique to the individual student; however, there are a number of common accommodations that are frequently requested by Disability Services. These accommodations include, but are not limited to: classroom assistants, communication assistants, materials in alternative formats, prepared notes, note-takers, use of tape recorders, books on tape, preferential seating, testing accommodations, additional time, and others.

Tips For Students

Introduce yourself to your professors and get to know them.

Don't assume that your professor automatically understands your communication; ask for verification such as "Am I being clear?"

Meet with your Consumer Manager weekly for at least the first semester. When difficulties arise, meet with your Consumer Manager. It is not advisable to wait until a small problem becomes as big problem.

Get and use a date book or organizer to keep track of important deadlines. Ask for help with using your planner if it seems unmanageable.

Introduce yourself to your advisor, and meet with him or her on a regular basis.

Find a good place to study outside of your living quarters. Dorms, even quiet dorms, are never truly quiet. The Learning Commons in the Library is an excellent place to start finding a study location.

Find out about campus and community resources. Try study groups if you learn best by talking about what you are seeking to learn. You can start these groups anonymously if you need, by simply posting a date, time and place to meet in your classroom.

Learn about your disability and be able to explain it to your professors or others.

Take advantage of your professors’ and TAs’ office hours.

When meeting with a professor, prepare what you want to say in advance. Bring an outline of talking points with you to your meeting. Your Consumer Manager can assist you with the formation of an outline.

Be open-minded when a professor suggests additional or alternative accommodations.

Develop a support network. It is important to have people on whom you can count. There are a number of students on this campus with ASD and many of them wish to make contact with others. Your Consumer Manager may be able to assist with this.