The research program for the National Center for Digital Government extends and refines theoretical frameworks in the social sciences to encompass fundamental changes in information processing and communications. Thus, it means to advance social and applied social science disciplines and fields as well as an understanding of digital government.

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Research Topics:

Boston Carbon Calculator (Schweik)

Building Cross Agency Initiatives (Fountain)

Connecting to Congress (Lazer, Esterling, Fountain, Neblo, Mergel

DNA Lab Project (Lazer, Mergel, Rabl, Binz-Scharf)

Information Sharing Among State Health Officials (Lazer, Mergel, Katz)

Mobile Gulf Observatory (Schweik, Griffin, Danylchuk, DeStefano, Ganesan)

National Digital Library for Ethics in Science and Engineering Beta Site (Fountain, Billings)

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market: Creating a 21st Century Public Agency (Fountain, Galindo)

Program on Networked Governance (Lazer)

Success and Abandonment of Open Source Projects (Schweik, English)

Teaching Geographic Information Systems (Schweik, English, Hamel)

Workshop in the Knowledge Commons (Schweik)