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The Rocker Resolution


We, the undersigned, are concerned about the current situation in our country, about the massive exodus of many of our contemporaries, about the crisis of meaning of this social alternative and about the unbearable ignorance of state and party leadership, which trivializes existing contradictions and adheres to a rigid course.
    It’s not about “reforms that abolish socialism,” but rather about reforms that continue to make socialism possible in this country. Because it is endangered by the current attitude toward the existing contradictions.
    We emphatically welcome the fact that citizens are meeting in democratically organized, grassroots groups to take into their own hands the solution to the problems in question. — This country needs a million-fold mobilization of individuality; the old structures are apparently not in a position to do this. We thus made note of the call to action of NEUES FORUM [New Forum] and find in [their] text many things that we ourselves think and that are, moreover, worthy of discussion and exchange. We think it is overdue that we dismantle and overcome old hostilities and reservations. It is now important that the political will of large parts of the engaged population encounters a positive counterpart “from above.” That means recognizing these groups, tolerating them and including them in the discussion and shaping of this society, as is mandated in clauses of the GDR constitution. This, our country, must finally learn to work with minorities that that have different opinions—above all, when they are possibly not minorities at all.
    The growth of extreme rightwing and conservative-national elements, which are also among us, and the feeding of ideas of a unified Germany are the result of the absence of reaction to built-up contradictions and historically undigested facts. Leftwing energies are once again falling victim to this politics of adherence.
    We want to live in this country, and it makes us sick to have to watch, as if with tied hands, as attempts at democratization, attempts to analyze society are criminalized or ignored. Here and now we demand an immediate public dialogue with all powers. We demand the media be opened for these problems. We demand change of this unbearable situation! We want to confront the existing contradictions, because only through their resolution, and not their trivialization will a way out of this crisis be possible. Cowardly waiting delivers arguments and conditions to those who think about a unified Germany. The time is ripe. If we do nothing, it will work against us.

9/18/1989: G. Schöne, A. Herzberg, H. E. Wenzel, Charly Eitner, Jörn Brumme, Gerhard Laartz, Martin Schreier, Frank Schöbel, Tamara Danz, Conny Bauer, Kurt Demmler, Lutz Kerschowski, Angelika Weiz, Wilhelm Bartsch, S. Mensching, S. Kühn, K. Sasse … among many others, see list.

Distributors: ADN [General German News Agency], ND [Neues Deutschland, daily paper of the SED], JW [Junge Welt, daily paper of the East German youth organization], FDGB [East Germany’s trade union association], GDR Television, GDR Radio, Central Committee of the SED, MfK [the Ministry for Culture], State Council, Management of the  Committee for Entertainment Arts, the Volkskammer [the East German parliament], Schriftstellerverband [Writers’ Alliance], VBK [Association of Fine Artists], FDJ [the Free German Youth], Theaterverband [Theater Alliance], VdJ [Association of Journalists], MfS [Ministery of State Security, or Stasi], MdI [Ministry of the Interior]

- Translated by Delene White,
DEFA Film Library at UMass Amherst

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