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REEL STORIES about WENDE FLICKS is our new monthly newsletter series that focuses on each one of the twelve films included in our recently-released 11 DVD-set THE WENDE FLICKS COLLECTION. REEL STORIES will feature supplementary information, stories and documents that we received or found only after the DVDs were released.

Strawalde The Wall (East Germany, Dir. Jürgen Böttcher 1990) Strawalde/ Böttcher - Painter/ Filmmaker
Miraculi Miraculi (Germany, Dir. Ulrich Weiß, 1991)
whisper & SHOUT whisper & SHOUT (East Germany, Dir. Dieter Schumann, 1988)
Irm Hermann Latest from the Da-Da-R (East Germany, Dir. Joerg Foth, 1990)
Leipzig in the Fall Leipzig in the Fall (East Germany, Dir. Gerd Kroske, Andreas Voigt, 1989)
Herzsprung Herzsprung (Germany, Dir. Helke Misselwitz, 1992)
The Land Beyond the Rainbow The Land Beyond the Rainbow (Germany, Dir. Herwig Kipping, 1991)
The Mistake The Mistake (Germany, Dir. Heiner Carow, 1991)
jana and Jan Jana and Jan (Germany, Dir. Helmut Dziuba, 1992)
Eastern Landscape Eastern Landscape (Germany, Dir. Eduard Schreiber, 1991)
Silent Country
Silent Country (Germany, Script Writer Laila Stieler, 1992)
architects The Architects (East Germany, Script Writer Thomas Knauf, 1990)