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Designer Jan Lengert Remembers

Hiltrud Schulz of the DEFA Film Library found out who designed the poster for the 1988 Springsteen concert and got in touch with him. At that time, Jan Lengert worked as a freelance designer for Marcus Machio Production, a company with close contacts to the State Committee for Entertainment Arts. This company was asked by FDJ headquarters to design the poster for the Springsteen concert, and Jan got the job. Springsteen’s manager had not provided any pictures or materials to be used for a poster, but somehow the company found an image. Jan came up with several designs and one was chosen. Just two or three days before the concert, Jan delivered the final design directly to the Berlin FDJ headquarters. The poster was printed and Jan still owns a copy. But he never saw the poster displayed anywhere and thinks it was not used because Springsteen’s manager complained about the fact that the poster included the line “Nicaragua in Our Hearts.” On the concert tickets it said: “Concert for Nicaragua - 5th Rock Summer in Berlin – FDJ Berlin presents.” About the concert, Jan said: “I came late and found a place far away from the stage. The sound and acoustics were very disappointing.”

– From a phone conversation and email exchange
with Jan Lengert, 2/18/10 and 2/24/10.
Use of the poster, courtesy of Jan Lengert. 

To see what Jan Lengert is designing these days, go to: www.zenongraphic.de

Springsteen Plakat

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Other DEFA Film Library Films that Feature East German Music

Changing Skins, 1997, Dir. Andreas Dresen. Featured: Klaus-Renft Combo

Counter Images, 1983-1989, 10 short films by 10 directors. Featured: punk, heavy metal

Hot Summer, 1968, Dir. Joachim Hasler. Featured: Chris Doerk & Frank Schöbel

Latest from the Da-Da-R, 1990, Dir. Jörg Foth. Featured: Steffen Mensching & Hans-Eckardt Wenzel

The Legend of Paul and Paula, 1972, Dir: Heiner Carow. Featured: the Puhdys

Born in the G.D.R.
(Lyrics: Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, 1988; performed by Sandow)

Jetzt, jetzt lebe ich
Jetzt, jetzt lebe ich
Jetzt, jetzt trinke ich
Jetzt, jetzt stinke ich
Jetzt, jetzt rauche ich
Jetzt, jetzt brauch` ich dich 
Wir bauen auf und tapezier `n nicht mit
Wir sind sehr stolz auf Katarina Witt*
Katarina, Katarina, Katarina 
Born in the G.D.R.
Wir können bis an unsere Grenzen geh`n
Hast du schon mal drüber hinweg geseh`n
Ich habe 160.000 Menschen geseh`n 
Die sangen so schön, die sangen so schön:
Born in the G.D.R.  
I’m living now, now
I’m living now, now
I’m drinking now, now
I’m stinking now, now
I’m smoking now, now
I need you now, now
We’re building, but we don’t decorate
We are very proud of Katarina Witt*
Katarina, Katarina, Katarina
Born in the G.D.R.
We can walk all the way to our borders
Have you ever looked over the Wall
I saw 160,000 people
who sang so beautifully, so beautifully:
Born in the G.D.R.

* One of the main figures in the Springsteen concert was Katarina Witt, the Eastern German Olympic figure-skating champion. The audience booed her when she opened the concert.

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