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Available Films for the Tour (as of July 15, 2010)

The Arctic Sea Calls
East Germany, 1983, 78 min., color, English subtitles
Director: Jörg Foth
Script: Jörg Foth, based on the children’s book by Alex Wedding    
Cinematography: Wolfgang Braumann
Cast: Thomas Gutzeit, Oliver Karsitz, Oliver Peuser, Alexander Rohde, Vivian Schmidt, Heide Kipp, Marie Gruber, Ute Lubosch

Prague 1934: The Soviet exploration steamship “Chelyuskin” is ice-bound in Arctic waters, where the crew has finally managed to escape onto the ice. Five children hear the news on their self-made radio and spontaneously decide to rescue the crew. Very soon their expedition encounters problems…
Based on the children’s book by the successful East German author Alex Wedding, this film includes documentary footage from the original exploration that traveled the Northern Maritime Route from Murmansk to Vladivostok.
The Arctic Sea Calls was featured in the 1984 Max Ophüls Film Festival program.
Available Format: DVD

Latest from the Da-Da-R
Germany, 1990, 86 min., color, English subtitles
Director: Jörg Foth    
Script: Steffen Mensching, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel
Cinematography: Thomas Plenert
Cast: Steffen Mensching, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel, Irm Hermann, Christoph Hein, Gustav-Adolf Schur, André Hennicke, Gerd Wolf

In a loose set of cabaret pieces, Steffen Mensching and Hans-Eckardt Wenzel – highly acclaimed East German poets, songwriters and clowns – satirize East German life in its final days and the arrival of new times after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The clowns are allowed to leave prison to sing for people outside. As they perform their pieces, however, the country sinks into rebellion, the prison is attacked and looted, and the people chase the clowns away. Latest from the Da-Da-R was the first film made by an artistic production group that had fought for independence within the structures of the state-owned DEFA film studio for years.
Available Format: 35mm, DVD

Rock ‘n’ Roll
East Germany, 1987, 20 min., color, documentary, English subtitles
Director | Script: Jörg Foth
Cinematography: Thomas Plenert

Judy and Dean, two young Berliners, are passionate about Rock’n’Roll dancing. The film team accompanied the couple during their dance tour one New Year’s Eve. They discuss the history and importance of dance. The documentary, filmed by Thomas Plenert (Winter Adé, The Wall, Latest from the Da-Da-R), is an insightful document about East German youth culture.
Available Format: DVD

Tuba wa duo
East Germany, 1989, color, 11 min., English subtitles
Based on Hans-Eckardt Wenzel’s 1987 Rüpeldrama, for two tubas with players
Director: Jörg Foth
Cinematography: Thomas Plenert
Cast: Georg Schwark, Michael Vogt

This short film Tuba wa duo can be seen as a preliminary work for Foth’s Latest from the Da-Da-R. Director Jörg Foth and cameraman Thomas Plenert shot it  (with musicians Georg Schwark and Michael Vogt) across from the Gethsemanekirche in Berlin in October 1988, shortly before the church became an important center for the East German citizens’ movement. The filmmakers understood their absurd, satirical defense of the tuba, as a bold parody of official rhetoric and policies.
Tuba wa duo received official approval in January 1989, after the director produced a new dubbed version in which the word “peace” (which GDR officials banned from use in satirical way) into “future.” Although the film was awarded the official rating besonders wertvoll (Special Merit), it was never screened or distributed.
Available Format: DVD

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