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Zurück auf Los (Return to Go!)

Germany, 2000, color, 90 min. 
Dir. Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss. 
Cast: Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss, Doris Dörrie, Matthias Freihof (Coming Out).

VHS-NTSC, English subtitles - renting information


In limbo, anything is possible. When Sam, a penniless African-German singer and writer who grew up in East Germany and is now living in Berlin, finds out that he's HIV-positive, he gets puking drunk, spends a few days in misery, and then promptly falls in love. And so it goes in this wise and touching tale set in the intoxicating underground of contemporary East Berlin.

In a crumbling, once-grand apartment, Sam and his ravishing on-again-off-again lover Rainer, his devoted and cuttingly funny best friend Bastl, and Bastl's wide-eyed photographer boyfriend Mike come together to form a caring but fragile "family." Like the schmaltzy old East German love songs that Sam is recording for his new CD, the film's sweet innocence rises to the top in spite of its characters' misfortunes. Writer, director and star Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss creates a refreshingly open-ended movie notable for the beautiful, naturalistic acting that reveals the boy at the heart of each of the men.

About the Director:

Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss has worked as an actor in film and theater and played in many of Doris Dörrie’s films, including Nobody Loves Me, Am I Beautiful, and Enlightenment Guaranteed. Since 1997 he has been playing the main part in the successful German TV crime series “The Old Man” (Der Alte).  Return to Go! is his first film as a director and scriptwriter.

 Full of grit and passion, Return to Go! is a life-affirming film for the new gay millennium.
- 3rd Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Breezily told and frequently funny, this gay tragicomedy addresses racism, AIDS, friendship, death, disability and, ultimately, the fragile and ephemeral joy of living. 
– Seattle Queer Film Festival

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