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Weiße Wölfe (White Wolves)

1969, color, 101 min., Feature/Western
Director: Konrad Petzold, Bosko Boskovic
Script: Heinz Röske
Camera: Eberhard Borkmann
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Cast: Gojko Mitic, Horst Schulze, Rolf Hoppe, Helmut Schreiber, Barbara Brylska, Holger Mahlich, Slobodan Dimitrijevic, Fred Delmare, Fred Ludwig, Gerry Wolff

VHS-PAL, no subtitles: renting information


Farsighted Falcon, the Dakota chief, seeks refuge in the Black Hills with his wife Blue Hair and two warriors, the sole survivors of his tribe, in order to join part of the Cheyenne headed by Chief Little Wolf. On the way, they are attacked by the bandit Jim Bashan and his gang. On the orders of mining boss Harrington, Bashan is terrorizing the inhabitants of Tanglewood and regularly stealing goods from the successful trader Sam Blake. Blue Hair is shot by Bashan from behind. Farsighted Falcon pursues him to Tanglewood where he befriends Sheriff Patterson, an honorable man, who wants to help him. Together, they prevent a raid on a shipment of money belonging to Blake. Patterson tries to prove to the incensed citizens of Tanglewood that Bashan is behind the robberies, but the city had surrendered itself to the mining company long ago. Boss Harrington now gives the orders. He revokes the sheriff's badge and incites the whites to lynch the Indians. Although Farsighted Falcon manages to kill Blue Hair's murderer, he falls victim to the the whites' powerlust.

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