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Venus nach Giorgione (Venus after Giorgione)

1981, color, 22 min., Documentary
Director: Jürgen Böttcher
Jürgen Böttcher
Camera: Thomas Plenert
VHS-PAL, no subs:
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Venus after Giorgione is the the second part of the "Over Paintings" (Übermalungen) trilogy by painter and director STRAWALDE (Jürgen Böttcher).

Using various methods of "painting over" or projecting on top of Giorgione's "Sleeping Venus," Böttcher alienates the work artistically.  Venus' beauty is seen within a new context and is thereby newly interpreted through the eyes of STRAWALDE.  The assorted landscapes behind Venus range from idyllic pastorales to morbid backgrounds.  STRAWALDE's art knows no boundaries and makes a strong impression on the viewer with bizarre sound collages.


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