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Wer reißt denn gleich vor'm Teufel aus (The Devil's Three Golden Hairs)

1977, color, 92 min. Children's
Dir.: Egon Schlegel
Script: Manfred Freitag, Joachim Nestler
Camera: Wolfgang Braumann
Music: Günter Hauk
Cast: Hans-Joachim Frank, Dieter Franke, Rolf Ludwig, Katrin Martin

VHS-NTSC, English subtitles:
DVD, German or dubbed in English, French and Spanish:


The poor lad Jacob is dogged by misfortune. Even the king hands Jacob his own death sentence in a sealed letter. Luckily, Jacob falls into the hands of friendly robbers who summarily alter the contents of the letter. The next day, he envisions himself as the princess's bridegroom. However, this joyful moment is not to last long. The duped king sends Jacob to the devil to get the latter’s three golden hairs. In this way, the king hopes to get rid of Jacob for good. Jacob sets out. On the way, he promises the king's exploited subjects to ask the devil how they can escape their misery. Once he has arrived in hell, he takes advantage of the she-devil's absence by disguising himself in her clothes. Absolutely fearless, he snatches the three golden hairs from the devil and on top of this, discovers the solution to end the farmers' suffering. He returns home a hero and now there is no reason why he should not get married. Finally, the three golden hairs are returned to the pitifully begging devil. Based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

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