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Der Streit um des Esels Schatten (The Fight over the Donkey's Shadow)

1990, color, 76 min., Children's
Director: Walter Beck
Script: Walter Beck
Camera: Wolfgang Braumann
Music: Günther Fischer
Cast: Manfred Heine, Jens-Uwe Bogadtke, Fritz Decho, Harald Engelmann, Rita Feldmeier, Holger Franke, Karin Gregorek, Gerhard Hähndel, Pedro Hebenstreit, Gerit Kling, Gert Klotzek, Leon Niemczyk, Christa Pasemann, Michael Walke, Jürgen Watzke, Peter Wohlfeil
35mm, no subtitles:
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The philosopher Democritus has a toothache, so a dentist from ancient Abdera sets off for his house.  En route, he gets into a fight with a donkey driver.  This conflict eventually causes all of Abdera to go crazy.  Just when the city is seconds away from having a civil war, Democritus' apprentice shows up to ease the city's tensions with a gift.


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