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Stein (Stein)

1991, color, 108 min. Feature
Dir.: Egon Günther
Script: Helga Schütz, Egon Günther
Camera: Erich Gusko
Cast: Rolf Ludwig, Franziska Herold, Evelyne Dahm, Johanna Möhring, Anne Ferse, Margit Bendokat, Uwe-Dag Berlin, Susanne Böwe, Eckhard Doblies, Pietro Elia, Sebastian Hartmann, Gerhard Hähndel, Alexander Hetterle, Jürgen Huth, Bodo Krämer, Christian Kuchenbuch, Thomas Lawincky, Sven Martinek, Franziska Matthus, Jörg Metzner, Pier Niemann, Katja Paryla, Herbert Sand, Jaecki Schwarz, Hella Stövesand, Werner Tietze, Axel Werner, et al. as well as the youths Etienne Charlé, Oliver Goslicki, Boris Lehmann, Stefanie Matanovic
VHS-PAL, English subtitles - renting information


Actor Ernst Stein, having abdicated from the stage in 1968 in protest of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, has long since retreated from the world around him.  In a remote house encircled by an overgrown garden, he lives in a world of dreams and memories.  Suddenly, in 1989, an out-of-kilter society sends forth its progeny.  Young people, tramps and characters of all sorts take refuge with Stein for a short span, carrying the turmoil of the times into his house.

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