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Sieben Sommersprossen (Seven Freckles)

1978, color, 76 min., Feature
Director: Herrmann Zschoche
Script: Herrmann Zschoche; Christa Kozik
Camera: Günter Jaeuthe
Music: Gunther Erdmann, Peter Gotthardt
Cast: Kareen Schröter, Harald Rathmann, Hilmar Baumann, Janine Beilfuß, Jan Bereska, Michael Böttcher, Carola Braunbock, Barbara Dittus, Annette Holzmann, Chrita Löser, Evelyn Opoczynski, René Rudolph, Sabine Schmich, Carola Spindler, Hannes Stelzer
VHS-PAL, no subs:
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Karolina and Robert have known each other since they were children and grew up in the same neighborhood.  On their way to summer camp, they meet again and fall in love.  Yet they are young and mistake their fantasies for reality.  Being alone together is made more difficult by the rigorous daily routine at the camp.  In addition, the other teenagers detest the fact that Karolina and Robert are always together.  Intrigue and petty jealousies emerge, including some from the teachers themselves.  When a student-teacher who is deeply in love as well suggests that the older students put on a performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for the farewell party, the head counselor becomes concerned about the moral standards of the camp.  The performance goes ahead anyway and, in a surprising twist, helps Robert and Karoline deal with their own problems by letting them identify with characters in the play. The performance is a smash-hit and probes to the adults - including the head counselor - that these 14 year-olds are no longer children.


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