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Revue um Mitternacht (Midnight Review)

1962, color, 104 min., Feature
Director: Gottfried Kolditz
Script: Gerhard Bengsch, Kurt Bortfeldt
Camera: Erich Gusko
Music: Gerd Natschinski
Cast: Manfred Krug, Christel Bodenstein, Willi Schwabe, Günter Arndt, Johannes Arpe, Nicole Felix, Claus Groß, Georg Irmer, Hans Klering, Agnes Kraus, Werner Lierck, Heinz-Walter Mörke, Claus Schulz, Jochen Thomas, Nico Turoff, Gerry Wolff

VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


Despite the fact that production manager Kruse doesn't have the actors or the crew for the job, he recklessly boasts that he could direct a review film. To prevent him losing face, Kruse brings together four people - a dramaturg, a composer, a writer and an architect - and gives them the thankless task of turning his idea into a film. Except for the relatively unknown composer Alexander Ritter, who is enthusiastically committed to the project, the other members of the team find themselves stuck in this mess. The production assistant Claudia Glück and the rest of the team don't count on Ritter at first because he has absolutely no experience in composing material for review films. But what he lacks in experience, he more than makes up with his creative energy and his enthusiasm for the project. Not only are all of his colleagues' doubts soon cast aside, but Ritter also wins Glück's heart, even though she mistrusted him the most from the very beginning. How could the review help but be a roaring success?

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