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Reise ins Ehebett (Journey into the Nuptial Bed)

1966, color, 86 min., Feature
Director: Joachim Hasler
Script: Claus Hammel, Joachim Hasler, Maurycy Janowski
Camera: Joachim Hasler, Hans Reinecke
Music: Gerd Natschinski
Cast: Günther Simon, Eva-Maria Hagen, Frank Schöbel, Anna Prucnal, Karl-Heinz Roth, Helmut Neumann, Erich Gerberding, Hans Engel

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A sailor on a 5,000-ton cargo ship is good at his job, but a philanderer and a rogue.  The numerous shore leaves produce their share of complicated situations with women that frequently cause them to get into trouble.  The higher-ups say the situation needs to change, such that the sailor be given a steady woman to settle him down - a wife.  For this very reason, the charming journalist Eva is brought on board for the trip to Leningrad.  Things are going well until a stowaway turns up on board.  Marylou from the Shark Bar has pursued the sailor to his home turf.  When both women find out what's going on, they team up against the men.  In the end, both the sailor as well as his captain land in the safe harbor of marriage.

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