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Potter's Bull (Potters Stier)

1981, color, 17 min., Documentary
Director: Jürgen Böttcher
Jürgen Böttcher
Camera: Thomas Plenert
VHS-PAL, no subs:
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Potter's Bull is the first part of the "Over-Paintings" Trilogy (Übermalungen) by painter and director STRAWALDE (Jürgen Böttcher).  Paulus Potter's simple postcard scene entitled "The Young Bull" ("den jungen Stier") is artistically alienated in an imposing fashion.  By using assorted means of "painting over" and/or front projections, the figure of the bull in the center of the card is placed in a state of constant flux.  A viewer may also choose to follow the shifting background behind the bull, which continues to recontextualize the bull in shifting worlds.  Accompanied by a sound collage, this documentary is a masterpiece of short-film.


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