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Darf ich Petruschka zu dir sagen? (May I Call You Petruschka?)

1981, color, 89 min. Feature
Dir.: Karl-Heinz Heymann
Script: Karl-Heinz Heymann, Frank Bey
Camera: Werner Bergmann
Music: Gerhard Rosenfeld
Cast/Dancers: Hannelore Bey, Ursula Werner, Thomas Wolff, Roland Gawlik, as well as the members of the Comic Opera Dance Theater of Berlin and the Television Ballet of the GDR - Christine Harbort, Peter Jahoda, Roman Kaminski, et al.

16mm, no subtitles
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Ballet soloist Peter stands onstage for the very last time. He is 35 years old and ending his active career as a dancer. This has given him reason to retrospect: he remembers his life together with Lotte, who is also a dancer. Employed at the same opera house, they got to know each other, married soon thereafter and had a child. They collectively worried about Lotte's severe illness, and whether or not she would be able to dance again. With great talent and persistent effort that pushed her beyond her psychic limits of performance, she brought herself to international renown. About a third of the film is strictly reserved for ballet scenes, in which both soloists show off their mastery.

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