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Olle Hexe (Ol' Witch)

1991, color, 76 min., feature
Dir.: Günter Meyer
Script: Helmut Bergmann, Günter Meyer
Camera: Helmut Bergmann
Music: Johannes Schlecht
Cast: Tobias Gottschlich, Anne Szarvasy, Hajo Müller
VHS-NTSC, no subtitles - renting information


When Paul and his mother move into their new home, Paul meets Anna, the girl next door. As they get into a quarrel in the elevator, they find that it doesn't stop, but instead takes them deeper and deeper into the Earth to a foreign world. Here they meet a talking, blind horse, an alarm clock with no hands, and an unarmed knight. Together they fight the dreadful Ol' Witch who's intent on stealing the children's youth.

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