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Minna von Barnhelm

1962, color, 107 min. Feature
Dir.: Martin Hellberg
Script: Martin Hellberg
Camera: Karl Plintzner
Music: Wilhelm Neef
Cast: Marita Böhme, Otto Mellies, Christel Bodenstein, Johannes Arpe, Manfred Krug

16mm, English subtitles
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VHS-NTSC, English subtitles:


This film takes place during the Seven Years' War. The Prussian Major von Tellheim has become engaged to the Saxon noblewoman Minna von Barnhelm. After the war, the King - in an unwarranted move - deprives the major of his honor. Von Tellheim becomes impoverished and, filled with shame, breaks off his relationship to Minna. An innkeeper in Berlin, who is a police informer, makes the Major move to a shabby little attic because he cannot pay his debt. In the meantime, Minna has also arrived at the inn. She and her lady's maid Franziska are questioned and spied on by the nosy innkeeper. Minna has followed her beloved Tellheim and she now cunningly manages to elicit a new declaration of love from him. Because he is so focused on maintaining his honor she keeps him in suspense for quite a while before telling him that the King has reinstated him. Minna and Tellheim become a happy couple and Franziska, too, finds the love of her life - Werner, a sergeant. A sweeping story of love, pride and betrayal. Based on the drama by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.

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