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Der Magdalenabaum (The Magdalena Tree)

1989, color, 84 min., Feature
Director: Rainer Behrend
Script: Friedhof Bauer
Camera: Günter Haubold, Dieter Chill
Music: Reiner Bredemeyer
Cast: Christine Schorn, Christian Steyer, Thomas Redlich/Thomas Stecher, Dagmar Manzel, Hermann Stövesand, Doris Thalmer, Klaus Piontek.
35mm, no subtitles: renting information


Sailor Felix Striebel visits the fresh grave of "Mother Magdalena" during his vacation. This brings back memories of his childhood: the Magdalena tree was an oak named after the community Magda, and stood as a symbol of stability and security. She had saved his life when a bulldozer tried to run him over. She was the soul of the place, accepted everyone else, and missed out on something for herself. For a short time, Felix lived with her while his mother, Rosie, an alcoholic, lay in the hospital. At the time, the painter Ramboll, sho had left the city in a depressive state, was also in the area. A love relationship grew between him and Magda, and when Felix lived there, she almost experienced domestic happiness. When Rosie left the hospital,
however, she took Felix back in with her. She didn't go with Ramboll, either, who wanted to return to the city, as she expected he had needed her only to find himself again. The only thing remaining is the tree, which will remember Magda forever.

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