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The Dress (Das Kleid)

1961, b/w, 88 min., Feature
Director: Konrad Petzold
Script: Konrad Petzold, Hans Christian Andersen
Camera: Hans Hauptmann
Music: Günter Hauk
Cast: Eva-Maria Hagen, Erik S. Klein, Hannjo Hasse, Georg Helge
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Hans und Kumpan repeatedly try to enter a town surrounded by a tall, impenetrable wall, where everyone is apparently very happy. When they finally make it inside, the tyrannical emperor demands they make him new clothes that would ‘bring all creatures to their knees’. Hans and Kumpan claim only intelligent people would be able to see the clothes, so the emperor haughtily displays himself before his subjects wearing the “invisible clothes” to prove himself clever. Das Kleid was banned for ten years because of its association with the Berlin Wall and the despots surrounded by it.

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