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Kaskade rückwärts (Cascade Backwards)

1983, color, 96 min., Feature
Director: Iris Gusner
Script: Iris Gusner
Camera: Roland Dressel
Music: Gerhard Rosenfeld
Cast: Hilmar Baumanna, Amina Gusner, Siegfried Höchst, Erika Köllinger, Gertraud Kreißig, Fernando Metzner, Johanna Schall, Jaecki Schwarz, Marion Wiegmann, Achim Wolf
16mm, no subtitles:
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35mm, no subtitles:
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Maya is over thirty, full of life and holds a very practical worldview, until she suddenly risks "cascading backwards."  Accompanied by her nearly adult daughter, she leaves her quiet cottage in a leafy suburb at the risk of being isolated from her community.  She plunges into the pulsing life of the big city and goes job-hunting, which has her encounter many different people.  She moves into a big apartment complex, where she meets people in extremely diverse living situations.  On account of her residence and her daughter's new friends, Maya is acquainted with new forms of life, which she unhesitatingly confronts.  Unforunately, finding personal satisfaction in a new relationship she starts proves to be quite difficult.  The affection of her lover, Tony the composer, turns out to be short-lived.  Only time will tell if Gerd, Maya's boss and secret admirer, will turn out to be the great love of her life.


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