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Jana und Jan (Jana and Jan)

1992, color, 87 min. Feature
Dir.: Helmut Dziuba
Script: Helmut Dziuba
Camera: Helmut Bergmann
Music: Christian Steyer
Cast: Kristin Scheffer, René Guß, Julia Brendler, Corinna Stockmann, Dirk Müller, Marco Neumann, Karin Gregorek, Peter Sodann, Harald Warmbrunn, et al.
35mm, English subtitles
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When she first lays eyes on him, Jana thinks Jan is sweet.  At once, the 17 year-old girl takes a bet from her peers:  she will be the one to introduce the new boy to sex.  Jan, 15 and an orphan, takes the girl's seductive approaches seriously.  He becomes her man and with him she finds true warmth of feeling.  For the others, however, the game has been spoiled.  Open dirty warfare breaks out.  There is no room for love behind the walls of the derelict castle that has been made into a workshop for juvenile delinquents.  That is where the young lawbreakers from the German Democratic Republic are disciplined.  And then the year of 1990 begins...

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