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Jadup and Boel (Jadup und Boel)

1981, color, 103 min., Feature
Director: Rainer Simon
Script: Rainer Simon
Camera: Roland Dressel
Music: Reiner Bredemeyer
Cast: Kurt Böwe, Katrin Knappe, Gudrun Ritter, Timo Jakob, Käthe Reichel, Franciszek Pieczka, Michael Gwisdek

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Born in 1930, Jadup (Kurt Böwe) is the popular mayor of a small town. When he was young, he was the boyfriend of Boel, a expellee girl who had been re-settled in the town as a child. One day, Jadup finds the book he gave Boel in 1945 and old memories start coming alive … how Boel vanished after being raped and Jadup did not support her. This confrontation with his memories leads to a new, critical view on his current situation and surroundings. Why did he lose his ideals? Why does he feel so stagnant? He knows he must make some significant changes. Jadup and Boel was originally filmed in 1981, banned by officials and not released until 1988.


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