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Ikarus (Icarus)

1975, color, 91 min., Feature
Director: Heiner Carow
Script: Klaus Schlesinger
Camera: Jürgen Brauer
Music: Peter Gotthardt
Cast: Peter Welz, Karin Gregorek, Peter Aust, Hermann Beyer. Günter Junghans, Rolf Hoppe, Heidemarie Wenzel
VHS-PAL, English subtitles:
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Eight-year-old Matthias dreams that he will someday become a pilot and his divorced parents will get back together. He waits yearningly for his ninth birthday because his father has told him the story of Icarus, and promised to take him on a sightseeing flight. When Matthias' father doesn't come home, he is devastated. He runs throughout the city, talks to his friend about the relationships of adults, looks for his father at his desk, and gets himself into conflict with the police. As he sits alone on the roof of a house, he comes to the conclusion that Icarus didn't plummet to the earth because he didn't listen to his father, but rather because his father had forgotten him.


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