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Hostess (Bird-Walking Weather)

1976, color, 99 min., Feature
Director: Rolf Römer
Script: Rolf Römer, Wolfgang Ebeling, Gisela Steineckert
Camera: Sigfried Mogel
Music: Franz Bartsch, Rainer Böhm, Günter Fischer, Stern-Combo Meiflen
Cast: Anne Kathrin Bürger, Jürgen Heinrich, Roswitha Marls, Bernd Stichler, Manfred Karge, Angela Brunner, Rolf Römer.
35mm, English subtitles:
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VHS-PAL, no subs: rental information


Jette and Johannes have been living together for two years when Johannes suggests that they "legalize" their relationship. Jette loves him, but the proposal of marriage terrifies her. As she thinks about what she expects from marriage, she begins to look at the marriages of those around her, such as the marital crisis of her brother Robert, in which she is the witness of of a heated and lengthy dispute. There is also her colleague Connie, whose first love is falling to pieces. She tests the strength of her own love by flirting with her ex-boyfriend Peter. Mutual advances from Jette and Johannes end in a misunderstanding, which is eventually cleared up.  This leaves no obstacles in the way of their new beginning.


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