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Heute sterben immer nur die andern (Nowadays Only the Others Die)

1991, color, 77 min. Feature
Dir.: Siegfried Kühn
Script: Siegfried Kühn
Camera: Andreas Köfer
Music: Simone Danaylowa
Cast: Katrin Saß, Gudrun Ritter, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Volker Ranisch, Friedhelm Eberle, et al.
35mm, English subtitles
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Maria tells her former colleague, Hanna, that she has undergone a cancer operation but is now cured.  Soon after, she suffers a relapse.  The doctors believe that she should be told the truth about her condition, and Hanna is willing to do so.  For Maria, it is the beginning of several long, agonizing weeks until she is ready to accept that she has only a very small amount of time left to live.  In the meantime, Hanna has to decide how she can help her friend die; an almost unbearable decision, but once made she carries it out to the last consequence.

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