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Der Haifischfütterer (The Shark Feeder)

1985, color, 91 min. Feature
Dir.: Erwin Stranka
Script: Erwin Stranka
Camera: Otto Hanisch
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Cast: Andreas Herrmann, Udo Kroschwald, Gabriele Naumann, Kathrin Funke, Ulrike Kunze, Sabine Unger, Bettina Sonntag.
35mm, no subtitles: rental information


Furniture mover Stefan has 10 days before he must enlist in the army and he wants to use the military image to cast a shadow that is "greater than himself." Not only does he boast in the nightclubs, but he also intervenes whenever he encounters dishonesty and injustice. Aside from that, he checks out all the girls, as he wants to choose one before he leaves. Julia, his girlfriend up to that point is a great fusser who won't do, and neither will Doreen, whose dirty affairs he dislikes. The beautiful Blondi is too stupid for him and Ulrike declines every stable relationship. In the end, he meets the deaf Maria, whose cause he begins to support of for whom he finds deep affection. As Stefan boards the train to leave, Maria stands on the platform, without signing a word. Instead, she utters his name.


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