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Das tapfere Schneiderlein (The Brave Little Tailor)

1964, East Germany, 31 minutes, color
Director:  Kurt Weiler
Script:  Klaus Eidam
Director of Photography:  Erich Günther
Music:  Gerhard Rosenfeld
Puppets:  Achim Freyer
Puppet players: Margitta Jänsch, Robert Pfützner, Kurt Weiler
Based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


After killing seven flies with one blow, the Tailor sews himself a decorative belt, which advertises his achievement.  However, he is intentionally vague about what exactly he killed;  in fact, he lets the King assume that he is a strong and experienced fighter, in order to marry the Princess.  The king says the Tailor must first capture a unicorn, then a wild boar, and finally a giant.  And the Brave Little Tailor agrees, relying on his wits.  Will he succeed?  And will he win the princess' hand in marriage?

The other fairy tale on this volume is Die kluge Bauerntochter, also brought to life with puppets.

Die kluge Bauerntochter (The Clever Farmer's Daughter)

1983, East Germany, 20 minutes, color
Director: Monika Anderson
Script: Monika Anderson
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Schiebel
Music:  Karl Ernst Sasse
Puppets: Irena Schaller, Willibald Hofmann
Based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


When the the King throws the Farmer into jail, he sends for the Clever Farmer's Daughter and presents her with a riddle;  if she can solve it, then her father will be freed and she will become Queen.  She does solve the riddle, and the King marries her.  However, the King makes her promise not to interfere with his ruling of the country.  When the Queen breaks her promise, the King casts her out of the castle.  Will the proud King win this argument?  Or will the Clever Farmer's Daughter be able to solve this puzzle, as well?

Also on this volume: Das tapfere Schneiderlein.

Series:  DEFA-Puppentrickfilm Grimm's Märchen
Vol. I: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, Dornröschen
Vol. II: Die Geschichte vom Fischer und seiner Frau, Tischlein deck dich
Vol. III:  Das tapfere Schneiderlein, Die kluge Bauerntochter


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