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1971, color, 131 min. Feature
Dir.: Konrad Wolf

Script: Angel Wagenstein
Camera: Werner Bergmann, Konstantin Ryshov
Music: Kara und Faradsh Karayev
Cast: Donatas Banionis, Olivera Katarina, Fred Düren, Tatjana Lolowa, Rolf Hoppe, Ernst Busch, Carmela, et al.
16mm, English subtitles
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As the court painter to Karl IV of Spain, Don Francisco de Goya Lucientes has come into fame and fortune.  His paintings decorate the galleries of castles.  He feels drawn toward Countess Alba out of passionate love,
but at the same time hates the snobby aristocrat in her.  He believes in the King and the Church and enjoys
his station at the court.  Yet he is also a Spaniard through and through and dearly loves his people.  This
contradiction puts him on the hard path to Enlightenment.  His colleague and friend Esteve leads him to the
true patriots of the country.  In a tavern in Madrid, he meets Maria Rosario and later must witness how she
is sentenced by the Inquisition.  He is deeply shaken by the song that she must perform as evidence of her
own guilt.  The more he delves into the life of the people and creates motifs for his art from them, the greater
becomes his inner anguish in light of the country's conditions.  His art becomes an appropriate expression of
the revolutionary movements of the people.  And thus he himself falls into the clutches of the Inquisition.  But
he does not forswear the truth of his pictures and instead chooses exile.


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