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Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck (The Story of Little Mook)

1953, color, 100 min. Children's
Dir.: Wolfgang Staudte
Script: Peter Podehl, Wolfgang Staudte
Camera: Robert Baberske
Music: Ernst Roters
Cast: Thomas Schmidt, Johannes Maus, Friedrich Richter, Trude Hesterberg
35mm, English subtitles - renting information
VHS-NTSC, English subtitles:
DVD, German or dubbed in English, French and Spanish:


In a small Oriental town, a short, hunchbacked old man is teased, taunted and chased by the local children. One day, he manages to hold them spellbound with a story - his own story: A little boy called Mook is banished from his home by evil relatives following the death of his father. In search of happiness and fortune, he goes off to live in the desert where he meets a wondrous old woman. He becomes owner of magic racing slippers and a wand with which to find hidden treasures. Convinced that he has found his fortune, Mook sets out for the Sultan's court to find employment as a high-speed runner. With the help of his magic wand, he is soon promoted to the post of chief bursar. But Mook's career evokes much envy among the courtiers who involve him in intrigues and have him expelled from the palace. On his subsequent travels, he discovers the mystery of two exceptional fig trees. He is now capable of teaching the courtiers a lesson or two. For example, with a bit of magic, he has their heads fitted with donkey's ears. He demands his stolen slippers and wand back and helps Prince Hassan to find his beloved Amarza, the Sultan's daughter. In the end, Mook wanders off into the desert again. Not wealth but friendship and consideration lead to happiness. Germany's most beloved and successful children's film.

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