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Geliebte Weisse Maus (Dear White Mouse)

1964, color, 80 min. Feature
Gottfried Kolditz
Maurycy Janowski, Gottfried Kolditz
Camera: Günter Haubold
Music: Conny Odd
Cast: Rolt Herricht, Karin Schröder, Marianne Wünscher, Gerd Ehlers, Jochen Thomas, Mathilde Danegger.
VHS-PAL, no subtitles: rental information


Every morning, Helene rides her motor scooter past Fritz, the police officer who controls traffic at the intersection. He shows his affection by favorably switching the green light for her. However, for their relationship to gain momentum, she has to break some traffic laws. An invitation to Fritz's traffic course is the desired consequence. Frau Messmer, whose traffic offences resulted in surcharges, and who felt discriminated against, has a jealousy that brings Fritz trouble. He is threatened with being reported to Captain Gabler for his conduct. In the end, however, things work out for Helen and Fritz.


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