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Die Gänse von Bützow  (The Geese of Bützow)

1985, color, 95 min. Feature
Dir.: Frank Vogel
Script: Frank Vogel
Camera: Werner Bergmann, Peter Badel
Music: Peter Rabenalt
Cast: Rolf Hoppe, Arno Wyzniewski, Ursula Karusseit, Franziska Troegner, Carl Heinz Choynski, Kaspar Eichel, Reiner Heise
35mm, no subtitles: rental information


This film is set in the small village of Bützow in the duchy of Mecklen-Schwerin circa 1794.  The affluent widow Hornborstel is the best goose breeder in the area.  For seven years, she has been catering to Mayor Dr. Hane in the hopes of bringing him to the altar.  She coaxes him into her bedroom, but he flees through the window.  To make her angry and to stop her from trying to woo him, he creates the "Goose Edict," which forbids owners from letting their animals move around freely.  All the animals are put in cages, but the courageous widow comes up with a better idea.  She calls forth Albus, a man influenced by the French Revolution.  He persuades the villagers to fight with him, and together they protest for the freedom of the animals.  The duke repeals the edict and appoints a new Mayor.  Albus flees, and peace is restored in Bützow.

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