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Für die Liebe noch zu mager? (Too Young for Love)

1973, color, 86 min. Feature
Director: Bernhard Stephan
Script: Joachim Nestler, Jochen Nestler
Camera: Hans-Jürgen Kruse
Editor: Brigitte Krex
Dramaturg: Anne Pfeuffer
Set Design:Heike Bauersfeld
Costumes:Barbara Braumann
Music:Gerhard Rosenfeld, Klaus Renft, Levente Szoernyi

Cast: Simone von Zglinicki, Christian Steyer, Ursula Staack, Uwe Kokisch, Karin Beewen, Norbert Christian, Fred Delmare, Renate Gey, Karl Thiele, Gudrun Wendler, Dieter Jaeger, Halina Mueller.
DVD-NSTC, English subtitles: rental information


Susanne is 18 years old. Everybody appreciates her work in the textile company; but nobody, including Lutz, whom she is in love with, takes note of her as a woman. She feels she must make a change. With popular rock music of the '70s, by Hungarian musicians Zsuzsa Koncz and the Illés Ensemble, and the Klaus-Renft-Combo, which was banned by East German officials in 1975.

2001 Divided Heaven Retrospective, Film Archive Austria
1975 Hof International Film Festival

This feature… presents an adventurous socialism through images of tropical Cuba and the wandering revolutionaries Tania (La Guerillera) Bunke and her comrade-in-arms Che Guevara.        – Jennifer R. Hosek, Queen’s University

An entertaining film debut of the director. – Kabel Eins

A smart film from the GDR!         – 1975 Hof International Film Festival

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