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Freies Land (A Free Country)

1946, b/w, 77 min. Feature
Director: Milo Harbich
Script: Milo Harbich, Kurt Hahne
Camera: Otto Baecker
Music: Werner Eisbrenner
Cast: Ursula Voss, Fritz Wagner, Herbert Wilk, Hans Sternberg, Aribert Grimmer, Peter Marx
VHS-NSTC, no subtitles: rental information


After the war, infinite numbers of refugees leave in search of a new home. They now stand in the hall of a large mansion, waiting to receive their deeds of ownership for sections of land that the lord of the manor had left behind after he fled. Among them is the young Jeruscheit who, during her travels, had to bury one of her own children. Her husband has been declared missing, and up until now she has had little purpose in life. But then she discovers it: to work, to build, and to help others. And maybe someday Jeruscheit will find her family...


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