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Frau Venus und ihr Teufel (Lady Venus and Her Devil)

1967, color, 100 min. Feature
Director: Ralf Kirsten
Script: Brigitte Kirsten
Camera: Hans Heinrich
Music: Andre Asriel
Cast: Manfred Krug, Ursula Werner, Inge Jeller, Wolfgang Greese, Helga Labudda, Peter Reusse
VHS-PAL, no subtitles: rental information


Hans Müller finds himself on a trip in Thüringen, accompanied by his loving female friend, Moritz.  Hans doesn't understand much about trust, which constantly leads to problems between the two of them.  During one of their fights, Lady Venus intervenes and sends the young man back to the Middle Ages - so he can learn the true meaning of love.  Disguised as Tannhäuser, he has to stand his ground against a horde of minstrels.  At a singing competition, he blunders, without the support of Moritz, who had also been thrown back into the 13th century.  And with the help of Frau Venus, his adventure will surely turn out even worse...

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