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Fahrschule (Driving School)

1986, color, 95 min. Feature
Dir.: Bernhard Stephan
Script: Bernd Schirmer
Camera: Peter Badel
Music: Christian Steyer
Cast: Jörg Gudzuhn, Otto Mellies, Kata Kanya, Detlef Heintze, Daniela Hoffmann, Simone von Zglinicki, Bodo Krämer, Steffie Spira, et al.
35 mm, English subtitles
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Herr Steinköhler is a passionate pedestrian, yet he suddenly finds his family coming into ownership of two Wartburgs.  One of them Steinköhler bought out of pity from a friend who needed the money to pay off his divorced wife, whereas the second one his wife Gisela secretly ordered years ago and has now just arrived.  Both of them enroll in a driving school.  For Steinköhler, the lessons, or more precisely the driving instructor named Hempel, are nightmarish.  Hempel exercises his powers to their fullest extent with Steinköhler.  In addition, Steinköhler becomes jealous when his wife Gisela distinctly mixes very well with her own driving instructor.  Yet fate would have it that a flighty, young, female driving student mistakes him for a driving instructor.  Her devotion both lifts and confuses him with equal measure, but he is nevertheless determined to use this unexpected opportunity for adventure.

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