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Ete und Ali (Ete and Ali)

1985, color, 93 min. Feature
Dir.: Peter Kahane
Script: Waltraud Meienreis, Henry Schneider
Camera: Andreas Köfer
Music: Rainer Böhm
Cast: Jörg Schüttauf, Thomas Putensen, Daniela Hoffmann, Hilmar Eichhorn
VHS-NTSC, English subtitles:


Ete and Ali are discharged from the army. While most of the ex-recruits rush to catch the first train home, Ete and Ali stay behind, not sure what to do next. Ali’s hometown is a desolate place with not a soul waiting for him. Ete has just found out that his wife has been cheating him. The two friends are extremely different: Ali is good-natured, a somewhat gawky giant of a fellow, and a bundle of energy. Ete, on the other hand, is slight of build, shy and unable to hurt even a fly. The enterprising Ali suggests they head for Prague or Eisleben where the hottest women are supposed hang out. But they need their I.D. cards for such a trip and these are back home. So off they go to Ete's place after all. Ali wants to stand by his friend, so he throws out Mary's lover and encourages Ete and Mary to make up. Initially, the reconciliation works, but Ali’s clumsiness prevents things from working out in this relationship, despite Ete’s well-meant, though rather odd, efforts to set up home and house. On the day of the house-warming, Ete leaves, convinced that Mary and Ali are hitting it off.  Much later, Ete and Ali bump into each other again.  Ali still wants to talk Ete into going on the trip to Eisleben. But Ete has become more assertive and self-confident and flatly turns down the offer. A comedy in the tradition of Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder and Woody Allen...with a little Laurel and Hardy mixed in.

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