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1972, color, 79 min. Feature
Dir.: Herrmann Zschoche
Script: Angel Wagenstein
Camera: Günther Jaeuthe
Music: Günther Fischer
Cast: Cox Habbema, Ivan Adonov, Vsevolod Sanayev, Rolf Hoppe, Wolfgang Greese, et al.
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In the distant future, when Mankind has developed robots, reliable space-to-planet transport and advanced space stations on distant asteroids, a mysterious situation has arisen.  Eight spaceships disappear suddenly without a trace, and in the same moment the orbital station Margot breaks off all radio contact.  Dr. Maria Scholl, leader of the station Earth-Center, begins her investigation of the situation by calling for the absolute grounding of all spacecraft until a conclusion regarding the final whereabouts of the missing spaceships has been reached.  At a world conference assembled to deal with the occurrence, Scholl finds a certain Dr. Olo Tal (portrayed by the renowned German actor Rolf Hoppe) to be at odds with her over this decision to ban all space-flight until further notice.  Quickly, Scholl realizes that Tal, whose daughter happens to be a crew member on one of the missing ships, knows far more about the case than he lets on.  Further research on Tal’s background reveals his involvement with Project “Eolomea,” concerning a distant planet resembling Earth - a project kept top-secret and later disbanded by the government.  Together, with daydreaming cosmonaut Dan Lagny at her side, Scholl investigates the enigmatic fate of the missing crews on the ominous Margot.

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