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Dr. med. Sommer II (Dr. Sommer II)

1970, b/w, 84 min. Feature
Dir.: Lothar Warneke
Script: Hannes Hüttner
Camera: Roland Gräf
Music: Gerhard Rosenfeld
Cast: Werner Tietze, Juliane Koren, Martin Flörchinger, Wolfgang Greese, Margret Allner, Karin Gregorek, et al.
NTSC, no subtitles - renting information


A small hospital, somewhere in the GDR.  Into this hospital comes Dr. Sommer II (Number Two, because the senior physician is also named Sommer) to complete his specialty training as a surgeon.  He comes in with high ideals; he would particularly like to establish a bond of trust between the patients and hospital staff.  During his clinical day, he tries to be erudite, friendly and attentive, so as to realize his ideal.  When something worthy of his disapprobation arises, he naturally chooses to intervene:  he quarrels with a young colleague about his cynical attitude and ensures that nurse student Emmylie is not utilized as a mere cleaning lady.  He heeds the advice of the more experienced physicians and farsighted professors and has some success, though only after he comes to terms with a few setbacks like the suicide of a terminal cancer patient, to whom the doctor reveals the truth of his condition.

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