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Der Scout (The Scout)

1983, color, 100 min., Feature/Western
Director: Konrad Petzold, Dshamjangijn Buntar
Script: Konrad Petzold, Gottfried Kolditz
Camera: Otto Hanisch, Geserdshawijn Masch
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Cast: Gojko Mitic, Nazagdordshijn Batzezeg, Klaus Manchen, Milan Beli, Giso Weißbach, Jürgen Heinrich

VHS-PAL, no subtitles: renting information


In 1877, after the near-complete annihilation of the prairie Indians, the Whites have moved on further west. There, they have encountered the peaceful Nez Perce Indians, who were scheduled to be forced onto a reservation. In order to hinder any escape attempts from the reservation and also to stifle the Indians' spirit of resistance, a cavalry regiment commandeered the Indians' large herd of horses. Chief White Feather decides to get back his tribe's horses without the use of force. Pretending to belong to another tribe, White Feather allows himself to be taken prisoner by the soldiers. Fortunately, the cavalry regiment has been divided and most of the soldiers have been sent off to attack the Cayuse Indian tribe. Thus there are only seven troops left to guard the horses. The soldiers decide to take the herd to Fort Lapwai and commission White Feather as the scout to lead them to the Fort. Sergeant Anderson soon realizes, however, that their scout is none other than White Feather - chief of the Nez Perce. During the journey, the sergeant becomes White Feather's deadly enemy. Yet he depends on the Indian scout to safely guide him and his troops to their destination. Upon reaching Fort Lapwai, the men discover that it has been raided by the Cayuse Indians. The Cayuse warriors attack anew and the soldiers, exhausted and beaten, barely withstand the Indians' onslaught. In the meantime, the pacifist White Feather must now take up arms against the soldiers in order to take back his tribe's herd of horses.

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