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Der Brocken (Rising to the Bait)

1992, color, 103 min. Feature
Dir.: Vadim Glowna
Script: Knut Boeser
Camera: Franz Ritschel
Music: Nikolaus Glowna
Cast: Elsa Grube-Deister, Rolf Zacher, Muriel Baumeister, Ben Becker, Günter Kornas, Franz Viehmann, Hans-Joachim Röhrig, Roman Silberstein, Werner Schwuchow, Bruno Dunst, Wolf-Dietrich Berg, Heinz-Werner Kraehkamp, Ralf Sählbrandt, Franziska Troegner, et al.

35mm, English subtitles
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Ada Fenske, a widow, lives on her own in her little house on the island of Rügen, formerly part of the GDR. The house on the island cliffs has a wonderful view of the open sea. After unification, there is sudden interest in her house from people in the West, in particular from the German army. The grounds of her house happen to border a Soviet military camp which the army is planning to take over. But Ada is not going to be duped by anybody's dirty tricks, nor intimidated by any nasty threats. She realizes that her house is much more valuable than what she is being offered for it. So she uses it as bait to make certain contacts...

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